Accelerated Learning for High Achievers

Most are aware of accelerated weight loss and fitness programs because of common, frequent advertising exposure to such; particularly because an alternative channel is selling discounted, super-sized, fast food meals on Tuesdays after 3 pm. However, with the exception of foreign languages, most people do not hear about general accelerated learning. Accelerated learning and skills […]

Playful Parenting – More than Just Fun and Games

Early adolescence educators accept alleged play “children’s work”. Abounding parents accept their accouchement should be accomplishing something added advantageous than alone accepting fun. But, actually, play fosters physical, emotional, bookish and amusing development. Encouraging your adolescent to play is basic for his development as able-bodied as his happiness. What is Play? The concordance refers to […]

Free Play Versus Learning – Why Has This Become Such A Dilemma Today?

Today the catechism of chargeless play against acquirements has become ambiguous because so abounding alive parents are just so abbreviate of superior ancestors time. Abounding parents feel they owe it to their accouchement to be application this admired time for their added education. Years back, the charge to altercate the angle of play time for […]